11 Reasons to Rethink Dentures and Look into Dental Implants

January 23, 2024Elevate your smile with dental implants! Woman reflects in mirror, considering 11 reasons to choose implants over dentures.

Routine – we refine our daily lives for months and years until we’ve separated what works from what doesn’t, till we’ve determined what we can live with and what we can’t live without and we settle on just how much room there is in our routine to accommodate a bit of the extraordinary along with all of the ordinary. But life changes, so our routines must do so as well.

Millions of Americans have had their routines permanently altered by gum disease and tooth decay and are no longer to chew or smile confidently. About 178 million of us have lost at least one tooth and around 40 million are “edentulous,” which describes a mouth that no longer has any viable teeth left.

Tooth loss may be a regular part of life, but it doesn’t have to factor into your routine. Innovations in dental implant technology have made dentures more reliable and much more like real teeth. Dental implanting entails inserting a titanium post into the jawbone, just like root of a real tooth, and then attaching dental prostheses to the top of the “abutment,” the part of the implant post that sits above the gum line and provides a connection for the dental crown. Everything from a single tooth to a full “arch,” or row of teeth, can be anchored to dental implants, which fuse to the jawbone, like natural teeth, over the course of a few months.

So, if you’ve been dreading bringing dentures into your routine, it’s definitely time to rethink dentures and to find out how dental implants can open up your routine to more crisp fruits and veggies, more close-ups, more smiles and more self-confidence.

  1. Comfort – One of the biggest complaints about dentures is how they feel inside your mouth. Though adhesives and suction are used to hold each row of teeth, the in place, dentures often slide around in the mouth while chewing or talking. Because implant supported dentures are anchored, they stay in place much better than conventional dentures and they’re less likely to irritate your gums.
  2. Discrete – The slight movement that makes conventional dentures irritate the gums also gives away the secret that they’re prostheses, not real teeth. But your secret is secure with dental implants, quite literally, so people are less likely to notice that you’re wearing dentures.
  3. Speech – The same stability that keeps your dentures from sliding around and irritating your gums also prevents them from interfering with your ability to speak and enunciate. When conventional dentures slide around in the mouth, they can muddle and distort certain sounds.
  4. Convenience – Like natural teeth, they’ll still require daily care to keep them viable. But unlike conventional dentures, it won’t take as much work to maintain them. You won’t have to worry about adhesives needing to be reapplied at inopportune times and you won’t have to work to remove adhesives from your dentures at night.
  5. Food – An apple a day won’t stand in your dentures’ way, not when they’re supported by dental implants. Your implant supported dentures will enable you to enjoy fresh fruits and veggies that you might have previously stricken from your diet because of all the effort and pain involved with consuming them.
  6. Oral Health – Replacing decaying teeth with dental implants and dental prostheses, such as dentures and crowns, makes for a healthier mouth in general, whether you have two full arches of dentures or you only have a partial denture.
  7. More confidence – It’s no minor thing knowing that you can count on your dentures to stay put when talking and chewing. That bit of info goes a long way in helping you eat confidently, speak confidently and smile confidently.
  8. Reliability – After decades of inching higher and higher, the success rate of dental implants finally hit the 95 percent market around 2005. Recent studies have generated strong evidence indicating that the success rate of dental implants hasn’t actually stagnated around that 95 percent mark and that the more accurate percentage is somewhere around 98 and 99 percent.
  9. Increased affordability – Dental implants are far from cheap, though they’re a worthy investment in regaining utility lost with missing teeth. As dental implants continue to surge in the mainstream and more dentists continue to offer them, the fruit on this branch of dentistry will hang lower and lower.
  10. Durability – More than just reliable day to day, the latest dental implants on the market are more durable than those fabricated in the past. With proper, regular care for your mouth, your dental implants may last you the rest of your life without requiring any additional work beyond routine checkups.
  11. Everyone else is doing it! – This isn’t jumping off a bridge with everyone else. It isn’t “follow the leader.” Getting up to speed and investing in a dental implant is a commitment to getting back to living life to the fullest. Hundreds of thousands of people are quietly ending their edentulism with dental implants every year, and you don’t have to miss out.

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While there are several constants in the cost of dental implants, the price you’ll pay will be specific to your needs. To find out how much dental implants Garden City, NY will cost you and to learn about ways to finance your treatment, talk to a dental specialist today.

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